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I ordered tonight and wanted to say the yang chow rice and crispy chilli beef were particularly delicious thank you to the chef for a wonderful meal 08 03 2022

Elly-2022-03-08 20:40:42

Amazing ribs prawn crackers are the ribs are the best in town lovely king prawns and rice Chips were soggy good omelette Good value for money with lovely delivery staff

Joy-2021-12-02 18:17:14

Ordered from chan cottage on the weekend and I couldn t believe what I had purchased The chicken balls was burnt the chips was soggy The sauce was lumpy I didn t even eat it The driver couldn t even be bothered to wear a mask witch is against a the law Will not be ordering again

Dan -2021-06-16 17:19:30

Good food Shame driver insisted on handing it to me with no gloves or mask They would have got a tip if they had

Dan Bailey-2021-02-26 22:44:13

Delicious food Thank you We will definitely be back

Sarah -2021-02-26 20:40:49

Not happy I had to ring up because you didn t give me my whole order or put one of the items on the order ie I asked for seaweed and you forgot to put it on the order and you didn t give me the 2 spring rolls I ordered you only gave me one

Chloe-2020-09-26 22:42:23

Really friendly people all the food we ordered was great

Ewan Fricker-2020-06-19 21:47:36

delivered on time Food as usual excellent only thing to add is thank you

Dawn-2020-06-12 18:29:00

We had a delicious takeaway tonight and it was all fresh lovely manners from the young man that served me at my car due credit to you

Liz Cooper-2020-04-28 18:35:03

Everything that was meant to be crispy was soggy Soggy chilli beef Soggy wontons Even stodgy noodles I was looking forward to my dinner but that was a waste of 30

Kelly-2020-04-10 20:20:50

We had a takeaway this evening and wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your delicious meal and your delivery service We really didn t think we would find anyone willing to deliver out to Market Lavington especially in the current climate It was our first order from Chan Cottage and we will definitely be ordering again everything was really tasty Thank you so much for taking such good care of your customers

Nichola-2020-03-28 19:41:12

Comments is misspelled by the way Sorry to the driver if I seemed awkward I have Asperger Syndrome x Food arrived just a little bit later than predicted but still not a bad wait Food is definitely not authentic with sauces that are largely cornstarch and some things you can tell were frozen BUT there is no textured soy protein pretending to be meat you get REAL meat instead of mush like some places The beef with onion was particularly nice Decent portions for your money so will have lots of leftovers for tomorrow and perhaps the day after

Ebony-2019-12-09 23:21:46

Love Chan Cottage Always great food Curry smoked chicken king prawns with chilli and salt and Singapore rice are favourites

Chris-2019-11-01 19:42:37

Very disappointed food was late wasn t that hot when it got delivered took a couple of mouthfuls and threw the food away was a waste of 40 wont be ordering from there again

Shelley Jane -2019-09-06 21:49:46

Dish was tasty not too bad


Would definitely order again




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